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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  June 25, 2017 11:00pm-12:06am EDT

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save up to 15% at the ikea kitchen event. right now at 11:00, up in flames. neighbors scream for help after a fire rips through three jersey shore homes. amusement ride gone wrong. a teenage girl holds on for dear life as a crowd tries to break her fall. a message of hate. a holy celebration for one community turns into a police investigation as they made this discovery. "nbc 10 news" starts now. >> i hear somebody yelling help. there's flames shooting owl and i hear a loud explosion. >> tonight, three jersey shore homes torched after a fire erupts and an explosion. good evening. that fire broke out today in wild wood crest during a busy weekend down the shore. take a look again at the videos
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of the flames captured by drone and on the ground. you can see heavy black smoke billowing out of the houses. andrea spent the day at the shore talking with frightened witnesses and homeowners. >> reporter: two homes are a total loss, a third home can be salvaged, but firefighters say the common material used to build some of the newer homes may have made the damage much worse. steven's drone captured the flames. >> the scariest thing i've ever seen in my life. >> reporter: the smoke billowing over the bay could be seen for miles. >> it blocked out the sun. >> reporter: the entire started in between two homes on park boulevard. >> i hear somebody yelling help. there's flames shooting out and i hear an explosion. >> reporter: within seconds, propane tanks exploded as the flames spread. everyone inside made it out safely. >> i thought it was going to keep coming to my next door neighbor, my house, and then the
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business. everything here has gasoline. >> reporter: jim rushed home after getting a call that his house was on fire. >> i have a pacemaker on, and my heart was trying to be calm. >> reporter: the volunteer fire department had to call in seven more companies. >> they were pumping water out of the day to put the fire out. these guys did a wonderful, wonderful job. >> reporter: the fire chief says the vinyl commonly used on newer homes made the damage much worse. >> it's a great product but it burns very quickly. it goes fast. >> reporter: what gives people comfort is nobody was injured in this nir. but the fire marshal still has to determine the cause. andrea klein thomas, "nbc 10 news." tracking some showers across the area as you head back to the workweek. let's go to erica martin with the most accurate forecast. there's some rain moving in
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right now? >> that's right. we have showers moving across, making it to the ground. we saw a few earlier, but the good news is it's a mainly dry night and mainly clear skies once these showers pop through the viewing hour. the forecast highlights that, starting us at 11:00 p.m., we go through tomorrow morning. notice conditions here by early tomorrow. mostly clear skies to kick off the day, so certainly a nice start to our monday. monday motivation, if you will, and they get this going until 9:00 a.m. so the good news is a great start to our workweek. but i'm tracking the potential for some showers, scattered through late monday into tuesday. coming up, i do have your holiday weekend forecast. >>er ka, thank you. a family is devastated after their 9-year-old son died in a house fire. the boy's father was also hurt
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as he tried to rescue his son. the child was sleeping upstairs in the home on buck walter road. neighbors woke up shortly before 6:00 a.m. shocked to find the little boy trapped inside. >> he spoke with one of the firefighters and asked if everything was okay, and with tears in his eyes, he said no. >> the boy's father arrived home and saw the flames. family members told us they think the fire started in the kitchen. autopsies are set tomorrow for a couple that fired shots at police and then were found dead. they died of an apparent murder-suicide. 25-year-old emily and 323-year-old a eric barricaded themselves in a house yesterday. rather than stop, the couple
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fired shots at police, then hid in a nearby home. parishioners from a philadelphia church spent their sunday clearing tires dumped on their property. the pastor tells us more than 700 tires have been dumped on their property in the past month. it always happens late at night. the streets department said they would pick up the tires but couldn't come onto the property, so the tires had to be moved to the side of the road. >> somebody could come and set these tires on fire and we would really have a big problem then, okay? and so it was a hazard that we needed to get moved and move immediately. >> the pastor says they will be installing security cameras to keep an eye on the property. tomorrow morning, a key witness will take the stand in the corruption trial of philadelphia district attorney seth williams. and it all surrounds an alleged arrangement between the d.a. and a businessman who needed help
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getting through customs. district attorney seth williams is gearing up for the second week of his corruption trial, show nothing signs of being fazed, the embattled d.a. left the courthouse friday in good spirits. prosecutors will be at it again monday, bringing forward philadelphia deputy police commissioner joe sullivan as a witness. sullivan was previously in charge of the department's homeland security operation. bucks county businessman muhammad ali testified that williams put him in touch with sullivan to smooth over problems ali was encountering during tsa screenings. >> he's going testify he was asked to intervene on behalf of mr. ali. specifically mr. ali wanted to get past the second step screening to make his entry back into the united states a little easier.
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>> reporter: prosecutors say williams sold the power of his office in exchange for money, gift expenses and paid trips. something witness' defense attorney will continue to challenge during cross-examination. >> as soon as they're done, mr. burke stands up and pokes holes in that testimony. >> seth williams maintains his innocence. nbc 10 will be in the courtroom tomorrow morning for the second week of the trial. count on the nbc 10 app for instant updates from the courthouse. take a look at this. that black smoke is from a car that caught fire down the shore in avolon. it happened outside a house on 19th street. and the smoke could be seen from the beach, as well. no one was hurt. murder mystery. in camden county, a woman was found shot to death inside her home this morning. police responded to reports of gun fire just before 4:00 a.m.
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45-year-old deanna scorto was shot several times. one is dead and two others hurt after this crash in center city. state police say just before 5:00 this morning, they found two cars blocking both lanes on the east side of i-676, just east of broad street. one man, a pedestrian, died at the hospital. it's not clear what caused the crash. tomorrow, we'll learn more about the gop health care plan and its impact on you, the nonpartisan congressional budget office is releasing its assessment to have bill, the cost, the impact on medicaid and how many people might lose health care coverage. meantime, it's still up in the air as to when a vote will happen. mitch mcconnell wants a vote before the july fourth holiday break. but with five gop senators publicly opposing the plan, many want to delay that vote. a handful of other republicans
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are troubled by possible medicaid cuts. >> you can't take over $800 billion out of the medicaid program and not expect that it's going to have an impact on a rural nursing home. >> and if only three of 52 republican senators vote against it, the plan is doomed. changes in health care are really going to hit hard for some people. one new jersey mom is making a point with a recent hospital bill for her son. her 3-year-old boy had heart surgery. it would have cost more than d 231,000. but with her health insurance, her out of pocket cost was only $500. now she's worried that the existing ban on lifetime benefits caps may be eliminated with the new gop plan. since her son has a congenital heart defect, he'll need to be treated his entire life. senator toomey, please vote no when this bill comes before
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us in the senate. >> former presidential candidate bernie sanders specifically called out republican senator pat toomey in pittsburgh today. sanders told the crowd the legislation would be detrimental to americans. in philadelphia tomorrow, duelling protests are happening in may fair. a group supporting police officer also be gathering at the 15th police district at 4:00, trying to get the identities of officer protected when involved in shootings. later on that night, a black lives matter group is holding a rally. could pennsylvania's legislature be guilty of jerry man -- gerrymandering? it happener whence bou-- happen when boundaries are drawn up to favor one party.
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next on "nbc 10 news," hateful message on a weekend full of celebrations for many communities across the u.s., one is now dealing with a hate crime investigation. plus, dangling down. a fun day at an amusement park turns into a teen rescue mission as a girl holds on for dear life. and a potential heat wave later this week. details are coming up in the forecast on the other side of the break.
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there's more work to be done. that was the message today from a women's rights forum in fish town. philly women rallied. the nonprofit behind the women's march hosted the event. and dozens of women and some men showed up to learn how they could continue to make an impact. >> in the pennsylvania house, i believe we are like number 41 in the country as far as our percentage of women that represent us. that's not going to work. we've got some work to do, ladies. >> tables were set up so guests could write postcards to their elected officials. the women's rights discussion continues tomorrow in philadelphia with house democratic leader nancy pelosi. she's joining local leaders for a roundtable discussion at the food trust on jfk boulevard
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10:30 tomorrow morning. the making of exploding airbags filed for bankruptcy tonight. takata can't keep paying for penalties for making faulty airbags. the airbags could explode, shooting shrapnel, and at least 16 people have been killed worldwide. now to sacramento, california, where someone put bacon in a koran, and sent it on fire. muslims do not eat pork and it happened on the last day of ramadan, when muz laslims fast become closer to dog. they believe whoever did it police are investigating it as a possible hate crime. >> her neck is stuck. >> a girl dangling from a ride in upstate new york.
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the girl from sussex county, delaware, falls 25 feet and lands safely in the arms of strangers below. the ride is closed for inspection. crews in china are digging through rocks and dirt looking for anyone left alive. more than 120 people are presumed dead. three people, a couple and their baby were the only ones rescued. authorities say the land lead was triggered by rain yesterday. in pakistan, people rushed to the site of an overturned oil tanker when it caught fire and exploded. witnesses say people were trapped in a fireball and more than 150 people are dead. you can see the road and everything on it completely charred. for the second time this weekend, spacex launched a rocket into space, one from each coast.
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today, spacex launched its falcon nine rocket from california. it was carrying ten satellites for a company that specializes in mobile voice and data satellite communications. friday, spacex launched a communications satellite from kennedy space center in florida. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> philadelphia's all-american barbecue wrapped up today. the event featured traditional barbecue from all over the country, live music and games for all ages. and erica martin joins with us the most accurate forecast. some rain pushing through right now, right? >> a couple of showers out there right now, delaware seeing a few spotty showers, lehigh valley. not a big deal but worth the mention, because it was such a nice day all around.
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we do see mostly clear skies here in philadelphia. current temperature, 77 degrees. neighborhoods right now for the lehigh valley, plenty of 60s and low 70s. we have 69 in easton and bethlehem, i really like that town, 68. that's the current temperature there. south jersey, 60s and 70s, as well. 72 for washington township. medford, 68. lumberton, 72. robinsville, current temperature 74 degrees and delaware right now, we are seeing a couple of showers moving through the area from west to east. harmony hills at 72. rudy point, 75. again, not a washout, just worth the mention. it's been dry all day. lincoln 71, rehoboth beach, 76 degrees. so overall a nice night. you can see these light returns moving through, sussex county,
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lehigh, chester county. some of it is making it to the ground, but for the most part, the viewing area is dry and that's the story for tomorrow morning. so a fantastic way to kick off the workweek starting at 9:00 a.m. not seeing anything on the graphic right now, so we pause this by 8:00 p.m. showers moving in, unorganized and just moving through, skirting through the area from west to east. so it looks like we will see passing showers, and we'll pause again tomorrow at 11:30 p.m., seeing more showers, really not going to be a washout at all. developing clouds later on monday, with the passing showers from west to east. neighborhood temperatures seeing lots of 80s. chester hills, 78 for you. 83 for egg harbour township. avolon, your expected high, 82. lots of sunshine tomorrow. delaware, newark, 81 degrees and
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your ten-day on ten, temperatures liming into the 80s tomorrow. we saw 80s today. 78 on tuesday. so the coolest day of the workweek, not that day, denise. sometimes you like a little breeziness and lighter conditions there, 81 on wednesday. 89 on thursday. and here's when we start to talk about the potential for a heat wave. 89 right now on thursday. we could hit 90 on thursday, 91 on friday and 90 on saturday. tracking possible isolated thunderstorms for july fourth weekend. so it's really important this forecast. and coming up, a little more graphics especially made for the holiday weekend. >> we'll have to watch for that. >> here's danny with your sports. >> coming up, we'll hear from brett brown on the expectations for the sixers this season. and the phillies' struggles continue and some of their problems today, self-inflicted. we'll take you to arizona when we return. to do what you want to do with your life, every single day.
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this is sports desk, brought to you by xfinity. hey, hey, good to see you as always. the phillies reached a few dubious milestones today against arizona. their 50th loss of the season, only the giants have more. their 30th road loss against just ten wins and they're 20 1/2 games out of first place and 9 1/2 games behind the third place mets. the phillies trying to get on the board here, threatening in the second inning. a man on second, no outs. herrera, fly ball to center. gregor blanco says you'll take nothing and like it. next batter, picked off by de
11:26 pm
delgado. the small smacked to center field here, 1-0. we go top seven, pinch hitter howie kendrick bloops one down the line. that ties it at 1-1. luis garcia strikes out in the eighth and bottom nine. fly ball to deep center. what a grab by her rara, leaping against the wall. in the 11st, the base hit scores the running run, a walkoff victory for the diamondbacks. >> we got to put some crooked numbers up there and we haven't been doing it.
11:27 pm
we shown we're capable of doing it, but the key to success at any level, especially this level, is consistency. so three our even four games out of seven and we need quality at-bats more often. most of the focus has been on nolan patrick. the orange and black took morgan frost in the first round. they were asked why he was worth giving up shen to draft frost. >> our whole staff really like this guy. he's extremely intelligent. really smart, reads the ice
11:28 pm
well. we believe it's a kid with a lot of upside. the sixers added for their draft by picking markelle fultz. the sixers creating high expectations in the process. the head coach talked about the fans and wanted to know how good the squad can be. >> people are going to ask that. i think when we really understand who the team is, like we haven't got into free agency yet. then we'll all step back and have an intelligent, realistic conversation about what should it be? you know, i dream, i dream, i'm ambitious. i have always been a risk taker. i want my players to play fearless. and so i think once we have a judgment of who is on the team, then we can intelligently assess judgments of what the goals
11:29 pm
really should be. >> well, here's some expectations being raised right before our eyes. ben simmons posted this video on instagram. like the old mcdold's commercials, nothing but net. season can't start season enough for fans. coming up later, i'll show you how the sixers got to go to the zoo. that's coming up.
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a warning tonight from police. make sure you lock your car. between friday, june 16th, and friday the 20th, someone stole property from four weeks parked in an auto repair shop along coastal highway. all the vehicles were unlocked. the best way to avoid being a victim is to simply lock your doors. a large donation by a local church will help dozens of students attend college for free. the church presented a check for $100,000 to community college of philadelphia during sunday
11:33 pm
services today. those donations support the 50th anniversary scholars program. it's expected to educate more than 100 city students earn an associates degree with no cost for tuition. next at 11:00, forced to turn around. a flight heading out of philadelphia has to pull a u-turn and head back hours after takeoff.
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good evening. welcome back to "nbc 10 news" at 11:00. thanks for staying up with us. right now we're tracking showers across our area and meteorologist erica martin has your forecast. >> we have a couple of showers moving through, but i wanted to show you temperatures. really mild right now, nice night across the delaware valley. wilmington at 71. mt. holly 76. and satellite and radar image right now, just picking up a light breeze on the screen right now. seeing some light returns here, lehigh valley, chester county.
11:37 pm
spotty at best, but mostly clear night. starting at 11:30:not much going on, once the spot showers clear out of the area by tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. plenty of sunshine to kick off your monday morning. a great way to start your workweek, and we pause at 11:00 a.m. we do have clouds developing later on around monday and possibly a passing shower. i will show you what we have coming up later on monday. of course, i have your holiday weekend. in chester county, a family is mourning the loss of a young child. the 9-year-old died in a house fire. as drew smith reports, his father was hurt trying to save him. >> reporter: several fire trucks lined the narrow buckwalter road where they worked most of the morning to put out the fire in this house. neighbors woken up shortly before 6:00 a.m. were shocked to find a little boy was trapped
11:38 pm
inside. jenny buckman's husband walked up to if scene. >> he spoke with one of the firefighters and asked if everything was okay. with tears in his eyes, he said no. >> reporter: family members tried to console each other. the boy's father arrived home to see the flames and ended up getting cut up as he tried to reach the second story. you can see how high the fire reached. >> a lot of damage. >> reporter: william says the boy's stepmother didn't say any words when she came over for a hug, but her body language said enough. >> she was very, very upset. know that. >> reporter: fire marshals are investigating. they think the fire started in the kitchen but not sure how. neighbors looking at the kid's toys in the front yard say this is really difficult to process. >> i have a 7-year-old myself, and i just can't imagine. i can't imagine losing my child. >> reporter: and that woman wow were just hearing from came down to drop off those teddy bears as
11:39 pm
well as a note for the parents. they say they'll all be rallying around this family, which will never be the same after today. drew smith, "nbc 10 news." passengers headed from philadelphia to germany had to wait an extra day to travel after the flight last night was forced to turn back around. it appears the american airlines plane had some kind of mechanical issue. a flight to frankfurt returned on captain's orders, and no emergency was declared. we spoke to one who was aboard that flight. >> we make it about three hours into the flight when we find out that the navigation system isn't working, so we have to make a u-turn and fly back to philadelphia, taking another thee hours, so six hours on a plane to get nowhere. >> that flight finally left around 6:30 tonight. a scare in the air for hundreds of passengers on an airasia flight. this is taken by a passenger. that flight was forced to turn back early after an engine problem caused the plane to
11:40 pm
shake violently for an hour. the pie -- pilot turned the plane around and asked passengers to pray. the plane landed safely about three hours after it took off. the sand sculpture spectacular opens to the public tomorrow. it is part of the welcome america festival. artists are transforming piles of sand into philadelphia icons. this is the 25th anniversary of the sand sculpture spectacular. thursday kicks off the six days of fun, leading up to the main event on the fourth. that's the july fourth concert and the fireworks. it will be the talk of capitol hill this week. the republican effort to repeal and replace obamacare. the proposed health insurance
11:41 pm
overhaul includes new rules that includes medicaid that's already been raising red flags. nbc's kelly o'donnell has been following the developments. >> reporter: the president's prescription -- >> i want to see a bill with heart. health care is a complicated subject. >> reporter: and his diagnosis of the acute political challenges around the senate republican health care bill. >> you move it this way and this group doesn't like it. you move it over here, you have a very narrow path. and honestly, nobody can be totally happy. >> reporter: the disfsatisfactin is pallpable. >> it's hard to see it passing this week, but that's up to the majority leader. >> right now i'm undecided. >> reporter: for mitch mcconnell and the trump white house, the time crunch is a tool. intended to compel republicans
11:42 pm
to decide and deliver before the fourth of july fireworks go off. tweaks and sweeteners to the proposal will likely come over the next few days. along with an official cost estimate. the proposed health insurance overhaul includes new rules regarding medicaid that are already raising alarm bells. this year under obamacare, 31 states accepted expanded medicaid funding. the federal government pays for 90% of the insurance plan for lower income americans. in 2020, the senate gop proposal would make states pay a larger share. by 2024, medicaid costs would be split. conservatives claim federal money will be there. >> it will never shrink. it will be growing at a slower rate. >> but if states can't afford to pay more, coverage cuts are inevitable. >> the most vulnerable people in
11:43 pm
our society and health care providers such as our rural hospitals and nursing homes, most of whom are very dependent on the medicaid programs. >> next, the little icons that are worth a thousand words. emojis are a big part of how we talk to one another. but who is behind the driving force of the images we use every day? .
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thousands of people from across the country lined the streets for gay pride events. in new york, grand marshals from the american civil liberties union were chosen to represent a "resistance movement." in seattle, more than 200,000 people gathered for this year's parade, where the theme was indivisible. organizers wanted to show the need for those who felt
11:46 pm
marginalized to be part of this year's event. tomorrow, wilmington will name a municipal swimming pool for former vice president joe biden. he ole the former vice president was a lifeguard at the pool in his younger days. there are a record setting 6 million jobs open across the u.s., but employers aren't so quick to fill them. the problem, employers are struggling to find qualified candidates. many say it's a skills gap in the labor force. one professor says employers are after people that are experienced, not people they have to train. a whole new way to express yourself is coming to your smartphone. more than 100 new ways thanks to a fresh batch of emojis. do you ever wonder where they come from and who decide what's in, what's out? here's the answer. >> reporter: if a picture is worth 1,000 words, an emoji
11:47 pm
might be worth 1,000 texts. 137 new ones are headed your way. broccoli, zombies, a t-rex and dumplings. emojis are everywhere. 6 billion sent every single day. there's even an emoji movie. >> we're watching a whole new means of expression used around the world, coming into being in front of our very eyes. >> reporter: greg welch is a director of the nonprofit that decides which will be made and write the code that creates them. >> our process is open. it's not a dark star chamber. so you can go on the website and look at the list of emojis that are in the vetting. >> reporter: anyone can propose an emoji. once approved -- >> this one. >> reporter: designers at tech companies like apple and google get to work. >> different companies have different types of emojis. apple has their own set, google
11:48 pm
has their own. >> reporter: she helps to bring emojis to life. >> we define the look and the feel and some of the concepts behind that they look like. >> reporter: the newest batch includes a gender neutral and woman in a head scarf. >> we wanted to move beyond the stereotypes. >> reporter: you have a lot of power. >> i think that's an incredible part, that it's a really open process. and that's cool that anyone in the world can do that. >> reporter: the new set of emojis is arriving on your smartphone now. >> going to have to check that out. we have an inspiring story out of california about three sisters from brooklyn. three months ago, they lived in a homeless shelt we are their mother. the girls, ages 9, 11, 12, found solace running track. since then, they've been on
11:49 pm
magazine covers. tyler perry saw their story and offered to pay for an apartment for two years. this weekend, they got vip tickets to the u.s. track and field outdoors championships. >> our past is still like -- still a part of us. just because we have all of this now, doesn't mean we have to change because of it. >> what's next for you guys? >> aim high. after this weekend, the girls say they plan to work even harder. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> inspiring girls there. erica martin is here with your most accurate forecast. erica, you're tracking a potential for a heat wave this week. >> it looks like we could see a couple of 90s out there. i'll get to that in a moment. those girls were really inspiring. mostly clear skies here, but we were seeing showers just to the
11:50 pm
north and west of our area. a really nice night across philadelphia and current temperatures really nice right now. parkside at 69. 76 in bustleton. west mt. airy, 72. and port richmond, 77 right now. the suburbs seeing nice conditions. a few 60s and 70s. chatsworth at 67 degrees. 71 for newtown. new hope, 65. and milford township also seeing 66 degrees. so nice way to end your sunday with those mostly clear skies. a few of you were seeing sprinkles out there. may's landing, current temperature is 65 degrees. so this is what i'm talking about. satellite and radar, picking up on light returns at best. i'm just being picky right here. southern delaware with a few
11:51 pm
showers. we did see a couple showers earlier. notice a few more moving through mt. pocono. everybody is dry right now. mostly clear skies and just a little nuisance as far as the spot source are concerned. hour by hour forecast starting tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m., i'll show you what to expect. you get up to enjoy your day. mostly sunny to sunny skies starting at 9:00 a.m. we pause this tomorrow. introduction of clouds moving into the area. notice not that much going on. to the west of philadelphia at 8:00 p.m., seeing a few spot showers moving in, and broken clouds as well. and then we continue going through later and pauses at 11:00 p.m. we are seeing light rains moving through and across philadelphia. really just not very organized. jue a little moisture makes it to the ground. and clouds are broken tomorrow night at around 11:00 p.m. neighborhood highs for tomorrow, i do like the trend we're
11:52 pm
seeing. mostly sunny to sunny skies. overnight lows, lots of 50s and 60s. westchester 78. fair mount 81 degrees. mt. airy, upper 70s for you. a really nice monday for you. so enjoy the day. and what about the jersey shore? 70s and some low 80s there. delaware seeing lots of 80s with plenty of sunshine. here it is. holiday weekend temperatures. you know what? i hate to be the bearer of not great news. showers and thunderstorms for saturday and sunday. and coming up in final weather, we'll talk about the ten-day forecast and look at monday and tuesday. a really important weekend. >> cross our fingers. here's danny with sports. >> when we come back, another rough day for the phillies.
11:53 pm
and tim tebow takes the next step in his baseball career. and we join robert covington as he gets to know some of the oldest residents of the philadelphia zoo.
11:54 pm
11:55 pm
jeremy ellison gave up one run and struck out seven in six innings, but the run support was lacking. the phils have lost his last four starts and he hasn't won a game since may 19th. bottom four, facing paul gold schmidt. base hit to left field. rounding third, hesitates, but the throw is off the mark. and not in time. 1-0. the only run he allowed, top seven, howie kendrick hitting it where they ain't. bloops this down the right field line, that's fair. herrera scores to make it 1-1. this went to extras. in the 11th, a base hit to score
11:56 pm
the winning run. 2-1 the final. ramos falls to 0-7. the phillies promoted scott langer at aaa. he'll join the iron pigs tomorrow. he joins an infield that includes reese hoskins and davy crawford. also working his way up the ladder, tim tebow. the former nfl quarterback was promoted from low a to high a by the mets. he'll move from columbia, south carolina to st. lucie, florida. he's hitting just over .220 at columbia. >> have a look at the pga travelers. first playoff hole, and there won't be a second. jordan spieth, get in there! holes out from the bunker. spieth becomes just the second golfer since world war ii to win ten titles before the age of 24.
11:57 pm
tiger won 15 times. a trip to the zoo, though, can be a fun way to spend an afternoon. robert covington of the sixers went to the philadelphia zoo and we tagged along. ♪ you >> hey, what's going on? my name is shawn. >> rob covington. >> welcome to the reptile house. >> captan't wait to see what yo have. >> hopefully i can show you some stuff you haven't seen or done before. >> sounds good. i got the chance to come out here behind this and see the tortoises. >> these guys are juvenile tortoises. >> this one here is super homey. >> they're like a little pacman. >> i learned a lot from the handler that was givening us the tour. >> usually when they hatch out, they're about this big. it takes around 20, 25 years to
11:58 pm
get adult size. they are very long lived. like our two oldest are from 90 to 100 outside. >> you did a great job with them. >> you can put this on the floor and we'll go see the big guys. >> the one over there, that's almost 500 pounds, so it's crazy how animals get that big. >> you can just walk right over here. you can feel the top of her head, just not near the beak. >> crazy how a tortoise feels. >> so this is mommy. she's been here since 1932. she was taken off santa cruz island in 1928. this is the biggest male that we have, this is bubba. males average around 500 pounds can go up to 650. they call them gentle giants. crazy, right? >> feels just like an old man's arm. it's crazy to think how all eight of them was in there. very tiny. i always liked the reptiles
11:59 pm
growing up and everything. i got a ball python named matt. everyone thinks that snakes are dangerous and are scary, but they're not. the more you handle them, the more you get used to them. it's one of the calmest animals you meet. mine is real chill. he loves people. >> robert and his python. i see a reality show coming soon. we'll be right back. it's time that we bring addiction out of the darkness
12:00 am
and into the light.
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to everyone struggling in silence - addicts, family, friends - you are not alone. it's time we lift each other up, reach out, say something. addiction is a disease. don't suffer. don't wait. help is within reach. call 844 reach nj or go to the road to recovery starts now.
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up next on nbc 10, it's in depth with graham bensinger. >> this week we go to alaska to spend two days with lance mackie. he describes the brutal conditions of racing and explains how he overcame addiction and cancer. >> basically they pulled a softball size tumor out of my throat. this is how he described it. >> plus, he takes me out on the dog trail for a one on one lesson. all that is coming up next right here on nbc 10. >> erica now with the ten day. >> lots of sunshine for monday. a passing shower late and tracking a possible heat wave for thursday, friday, saturday. we'll be watching that. and looks leak it's going to be a washout, but nice for the fourth of july. >> thanks, erica. that's "nbc 10 news" for now. for all of us here, have a great monday.
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we're in alaska, it's 20 below zero. i spent the two hours with four-time iditarod champion lance mackie, and this is "in depth." >> lance mackie, four-time champion in both the iditarod and yukon quest, with one of the most incredible comebacks in dog mushing history. >> i chose to be out in this race. i know it's going to be dark. i know it's going to be cold. i know i'm going to be hungry. >> the son of the race's founder, mackie went


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